EUROMED Invest holds its 7th Executive Committee meeting, a crucial phase in the life of the project

Le comité exécutif du projet EUROMED Invest à Bruxelles On 30 June and 1 July 2016 was held the 7th EUROMED Invest Executive Committee meeting, alongside the MedAlliance participated in the work of this seminar: the European Commission, the Union for the Mediterranean and the DAI team having conducted the mid-term project evaluation.
As you know, the EC has commissioned an impact assessment of the project to which many of you have contributed, either directly or through online questionnaires. The consortium of the MedAlliance takes this opportunity to welcome the satisfactory results of this evaluation, to thank all the EUROMED Invest community members for their contributions to this continuous improvement process and to reaffirm its commitment to take all necessary measures to maximize the expected impact of the EUROMED Invest project.
Moreover, it is in this context and following the recommendation of the project evaluation team that the Executive Committee approved a request for a 6 months extension. This extension will expand the implementation period of operations until 30 June 2017, a deadline that will allow project partners to deliver the decentralized operations and to report them appropriately. This extension request will be formulated very soon and we will have the opportunity to come back on its implications for the EUROMED Invest partners in terms of reporting and audit. 
We thank you once again for the fruitful collaboration that you maintain in the project and waiting for Autumn 2016, which will be rich of activities, we wish you a good summer break.


The EUROMED Invest coordination team