EUROMED Invest, in extension phase in the life of the project

Le comité exécutif du projet EUROMED Invest à Bruxelles Dear partners,
Three years have passed since the launch of the project and we welcome with great satisfaction the impact of more than 60 EUROMED Invest operations implemented;


More than 3,200 final beneficiaries have participated in our activities including 1800 SMEs, more than 3600 B2B meetings took place and more than 900 Business Support Organizations from the Euromed region participated in the EUROMED Invest Academies and Business Roadshows.

During the first extension we secured, the focus will be on private sector support organizations with 3 EUROMED Invest Academies scheduled in Morocco, Egypt and Belgium for the project's final conference. But also a dozen of mentoring missions and 2 masterclasses in the benefit of Business Support Organizations will be held.

We would like to thank you for your involvement and we will count on your usual enthusiasm for the second half of 2017, which promises to be rich in operations.



The EUROMED Invest coordination team