ITC and EU to launch EuroMed Trade Helpdesk


In the Southern Mediterranean region, intra-regional trade is well below potential. One of the biggest constraints is a widespread lack of affordable, high-quality trade information. Finding the data for in-depth market analysis requires companies to make major investments of time and financial resources.


In collaboration with 9 participating countries and with financial support from the European Union (EU), the International Trade Centre (ITC) has implemented the EuroMed Trade Helpdesk to improve economic and regional integration between Mediterranean countries. It provides an online portal of trade information with a helpdesk service covering Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Morocco, the State of Palestine, Tunisia and Turkey.


The portal, which has been modelled on the EU Export Helpdesk, will operate through a network of trade related institutions in each of the markets. We wish to invite everyone to visit the Beta version of the portal ( before its official launch to the public in early 2017.


Thanks to this project, crucial trade information for this region will continue to be collected, catalogued and updated in a sustainable manner. Moreover, to ensure technical continuity of the portal, the EuroMed Trade Helpdesk will be hosted with ITC’s Market Analysis Tools (, which are freely accessible public goods also funded by the European Union (EU) and donors to ITC Trust Fund.


Euromed Trade Helpdesk