Project activities

100 operations organised around 5 main areas of intervention




  • Diagnosis of the dairy value chains and adoption of local strategies for promoting typical dairy products in national and international markets;
  • Integration of local dairy value chains and creation of producers’ clusters for networking stakeholders, pooling resources and skills, and developing collective ways of access to the markets;
  • Enhancement of production and innovation capacities, based on local resources and traditional know-how, by supporting local producers in their development projects;
  • Increased visibility and distribution of Mediterranean typical dairy products in local and international markets through the involvement of the media and the retail, tourism and catering sectors;
  • Activation of the Mediterranean dairy clusters’ network, dissemination of the project results and contribution to the policies in support of the dairy sector.




5 pilot territories for an effective implementation



  • Alexandria and Beheira governorates (Egypt);


  • Bekaa and Baalbeck-Hermel regions (Lebanon);


  • Bizerte and Beja governorates (Tunisia);


  • Thessaly region (Greece);


  • Sicily region (Italy).