Agro Tech in Med

Algiers ,  Algeria 
From 13/05/2015 to 14/05/2015
Workshop / Seminar, BtoB / Exhibition / Fair, Roadshows in the Mediterranean

The purpose of this Roadshow is to enhance commercial exchange and flow of investments between the MED Region and the EU countries, in particular those from Central and Southern Europe. The project focuses on Algeria and Morocco, where important development programmes are currently being implemented, which makes these countries partners with promising prospects for European companies. The project is mainly about strengthening of the innovation process, accelerating transfer of knowledge and stimulating competitiveness of the agro-alimentary industry in the MED Region. The AGROTECH in MED Roadshow will take place on the occasion of the International Agribusiness Show  SIPSA’2015 in Algeria. 
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Contact (Leader):
Agnieszka Salamonczyk