DiasporaLab Maghreb


As part of EUROMED Invest project, ACIM organised a Masterclass for entrepreneurs of the Algerian, Moroccan and Tunisian diaspora living in Europe and holders of an investment project in their home country.


DiasporaLab Maghreb was held in two sessions, which allowed ACIM to accompany entrepreneurs over several months, from January to July 2016, from the start of their project and the launch of their business.


The DiasporaLab was therefore an intermediate step between the project development in Europe and its implementation in the Maghreb. By allowing project developers to test their idea with fifteen experts of the three countries, it worked as an incubator offering both an opportunity for networking, building managerial skills and test the reality of market and the local business climate.


The two workshops were held in Marseille at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry on 25-26 January and 11-12 July 2016 and brought together 84 participants.



See an interview with an entrepreneur who benefited from the support of DiasporaLab Maghreb (only French):