Support to EU-Jordan business opportunities


Over 90 participants gathered to discuss untapped business opportunities in Jordan with representatives from government and Business Support Organisations. 

During the conference held in May 2017, the discussion between EU and Jordanian chambers was very positive with large opportunities for cooperation lying ahead. Hence, EUROCHAMBRES and the Jordanian Chamber of Industry, with the support of the EUROMED Invest project, have started a close collaboration on several major shared ambitions. The first area is to support Jordanian SMEs to internationalise and facilitate their participation in EU trade fairs in collaboration with Business Beyond Borders (BBB). 


The purpose of the EUROMED Invest & BBB synergised initiative is to support Jordanian SMEs to take part to two trade fairs in EU as a follow-up activity to the 3rd of May launching conference. The first trade fair will take place in Paris in September 2017 and it is a must-visit event for manufacturers specialising in textiles, fashion and cultural and creative industries. The second trade fair will be held in Milan in October 2017 and represents the perfect event for all professionals working in the hospitality industry, and a privileged destination to learn about innovations from sector companies and to understand the latest market trends. 


Business Beyond Borders (BBB), an EU funded initiative, seeks to create connections between Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Clusters from around the globe and foster opportunities for international partnerships. Specific support is provided to companies participating at international fairs by establishing a series of Business to Business (B2B) matchmaking meetings and by supporting the development of the companies’ activities in target markets. Thanks to its wide network, BBB facilitates the participation and meetings between relevant potential trading partners from Europe and abroad with the final goal of assisting companies in the conclusion of concrete business deals.


For more information about forthcoming international trade fairs and potential business opportunities, please check the Business Beyond Borders website