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BCN EUROMED Invest Academy: Promote & Empower BSO within the Med region 21/11/2017 Barcelona,  Spain
Business Support Organisations' Advocacy Tools Academy 13/11/2017 Alexandria,  Égypt
4th Euro-Arab Conference to support SMEs | BSOs Vision for 2030 02/11/2017 Amsterdam,  Netherlands
MEDA Finance Academy 10/04/2017 Cairo,  Egypt
Academy on "Fostering Women Leaders - Women in Business Support Organizations" 06/03/2017 Marrakesh,  Morocco
EUROMED Invest Academy 02/06/2016 Beirut,  Lebanon
EUROMED Invest Academy Barcelona 24/11/2015 Barcelona,  Spain
Annual Conference and Academy EXPO 2015 07/10/2015 Milan,  Italy
Masterclass Webinar 29/09/2015 Online
EUROMED Invest Academy Brussels 15/06/2015 Brussels,  Belgium
3rd Academy in Serbia Webinar 27/05/2015
EUROMED Invest Academy Serbia 25/03/2015 Belgrade,  Serbia
EUROMED Academy Women entrepreneurship 12/11/2014 Thessaloniki,  Greece