Expo Milan 2015 Euro-Mediterranean Roadshow

Milan,  Italy  
From 6/05/2015 to 7/05/2015
Workshop / Seminar, BtoB / Exhibition / Fair, Roadshows in Europe

The Euro-Mediterranean Roadshow will be held in Milan on the 6th-7th Mai 2015,  in the framework of EXPO 2015, the most prominent worldwide event for economic promotion taking place in 2015. The event constitutes a great opportunity for aggregating and matching offer and demand for economic cooperation within the Euro-Mediterranean space with a focus on the agrifood sector. An integrated set of information, promotion, networking and business matching activities will be organised, responding to the objective of enhancing opportunities for economic and technical cooperation between participating companies, BSOs, and with potential additional partners in the broader framework of actors and initiatives associated to EXPO 2015.     
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Contact (Leader):
Sara Nanino