Exporting agro food products to the European Union

Tunis,  Tunisia 
Mission / Technical assistance, Mentoring for BSO

Voka – CCI Antwerp-Waasland will assist the “Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie et de l’Innovation – Centre d’Innovation et de développement technologique” in informing and advising local exporters about EU market access rules for agricultural products and foodstuffs. Hereto, a detailed set of practical training materials will be used that allow to continue after this training supporting Tunisian exporters. With these tools, e.g. a checklist on EU market access rules, a structured approach can be followed for offering valuable guidance.
Voka – CCI Antwerp-Waasland will also transfer its experience in helping companies to draft clear and attractive trade proposals and to give a guidance on promoting them towards importers in the EU.
For more information:Luc Van Loovern
Voka – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland
Agence de Promotion de l’Industrie et de l’Innovation (Tunisia)
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