SUCCESS STORY - Masterclass in Tunisia


The EUROMED Invest Masterclass on "Business Support Organisations for Social Entrepreneurship" was held in Sousse, Tunisia, from 30 April to 2 May 2017, as part of the "Conference of the Young International Chamber 2017 On Africa and the Middle East "organized by BUSINESSMED and the Euro-Arab Economic Council (EABC).


"This wonderful experience has allowed me to acquire new knowledge that will be very useful for my current project." In this way describes Amira Hemdani, a young woman from Algeria, her experience at the EUROMED Invest Masterclass on" Business Support Organisations for Social Entrepreneurship ". Amira won the award for the best pitch. Currently carrying a project in the field of tourism, her initiative has focused on the environment, in particular on the challenges of deforestation.

The training aimed to prepare the staff of the Business Support Organisations (BSOs) to provide specific services for social enterprises in order to strengthen their capacity to achieve social peace in the Euro-Mediterranean region and to address the social, Economic and migration issues.

The training program was developed in partnership with the IES Social Business School and House of Peace (HOPe) and brought together more than 25 participants (representatives of business support organisations, entrepreneurs, civil society activists, etc.) from 9 Mediterranean countries: Algeria, Egypt, France, Jordan, Lebanon, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Syria and Tunisia.

"With my group of young Algerian entrepreneurs, we each arrived with a different project in mind. The method learned during the two and a half days of training allowed us to choose a new topic, to work on it methodically, to identify its effects, its roots, its solutions".

Amira Hemdani, Best Pitch Award, 2 May 2017, Sousse, Tunisia.


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