Agro-Commerce Mentoring Programme

Bizerte,  Tunisie 
From 4/12/2016 to 6/12/2016
Mission / Technical assistance, Mentoring for entrepreneurs, Mentoring for BSO

Agro - Commerce Mentoring Program has the general aim of improving exchanges of agricultural and food products between Tunisia and the EU (Italy in particular) through capacity building of two institutions working in agribusiness (BMTI and the Chamber of Commerce and industry of Bizerte).

The specific objective of the program is to establish cooperation and transfer of expertise between the two organizations. The actions will focus on BMTI's main competences: means and strategies to improve the efficiency and transparency of trade between the EU and Tunisia, even through the use of the Online Commodities Exchange Platform of the Italian Chambers of Commerce.


Alessandra Pallottelli
Borsa Merci Telematica Italiana S.c.p.A. (BMTI)

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