"MentorPlus" - Mentoring programme Lebanon/France


The MentorPlus project organised from October 2015 to October 2016 aimed to develop a mentoring between a young Lebanese talent based in Beirut and a Lebanese entrepreneur from the diaspora based in Paris. 


This is a direct result of MedExchange Masterclass organised by CCIA-BML held in Beirut on 23 and 24 April 2015 in the framework of the EUROMED Invest project, where both candidates have already met. The expected result of the MentorPlus project aims to develop a stronger capacity building and run his business successfully.
The mentoring operation was carried out between Mr Antoine Bou Chacra, creator of "Envy Diva" company (online jewelry) and Mr Hadi El Khoury, a Lebanese-French consultant which has shown some success in his professional career (he is currently a consultant in cyber security and works with major French groups).
Therefore, for more than 6 months, in order to implement a new strategy for Envy Diva the pair organised meetings on Skype, and a face to face meeting was held on 29 April 2016 in Lebanon. This meeting allowed both parties to be able to communicate intensively on the topics raised during their weekly meetings on skype in order to implement a new marketing strategy for Envy Diva and also to meet the expectations and needs of Mr Bou Chacra in fields as diverse as:
- sourcing, marketing, digital marketing, e-business, purchasing and cash flow management.


This operation strengthened the capacity of leadership and management of Mr Bou Chacra, but also his self-esteem that was lacking when the tandem was set up, which allowed him later to better interact with stakeholders of its business: suppliers, customers etc.
Operationally, this mentoring aimed to refine its business model and to slightly increase sales over the given period despite a catastrophic national economic situation.
Improved digital marketing has led to an enhancement of the brand image of Envy Diva, the augmentation of its visibility, as well as a clarification of its market positioning.


Thanks to this mentoring operation, Mister Bou Chacra was able to: 

  • Target customers more accurately via a digital marketing campaign
  • Consider a business that also takes the form of a B2B activity via an offer of corporate gifts
  • Optimise sourcing and product logistics to reduce costs
  • Establish a cash management plan


In conclusion, this operation has been successful because it has increased Mr Bou Chacra's professional capacities, which is a source of short and medium term value creation for the young entrepreneur but also for the whole Lebanese ecosystem. The objective was to strengthen the technical and operational capacities of Mister Bou Chacra to give a new impulse to his company Envy Diva.


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