Project instruments

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1.Euro-Med Business Roadshow in Southern Mediterranean countries

This event aims at promoting a Southern Mediterranean country. Organising roadshows in the South allows to improve the image of the hosting country in the eyes of Europe and Southern Mediterranean businesses. It also increases the business partnership streams between the host country and European countries, as well as South-South relations and foreign direct investments (FDI).  

2. Euro-Med Business Roadshow in Europe

Ideally organized in the wings of the most important commercial shows in Europe, this event aims at promoting all Southern Mediterranean countries, by emphasizing the economic opportunities they offer in the five targeted sectors of the project.   

3. Master Class for young entrepreneurs

The Master class aims at developing the enterprise culture in Southern Mediterranean countries. These trainings are meant for a selected group of young entrepreneurs, in order to increase their capacity to outline and develop their own business projects. The presence of experienced and successful trainers from the Southern Mediterranean (women entrepreneurs and talented professionals from the diaspora in Europe) ensures both theoretical and practical learning.

4. Mentorship programme for entrepreneurs 

The mentorship programme will set up a permanent service for all the entrepreneurs which benefit of EUROMED Invest actions. This instrument aims at developing sustainable partnerships between two businesses (co-production, co-innovation, co-marketing, etc.). 

5. Cooperation and mentorship programme for Business Support Organisations

This programme is a permanent service for Business support organisations that aim at developing sustainable partnerships with other similar entities. The scope of the programme being the improvement of services (for internationalization, FDI promotion, new entrepreneurs, etc.).

6. EUROMED Invest Academy 

The EUROMED Invest Academies are training and experience sharing seminars between Business support organisations. These workshops aim at maximizing their exchanges in order to improve business support services in the different steps of the life of SMEs (start-up, growth and development, internationalization) as well as in the marketing field.