Mentoring to the benefit of agro-food exporters


Voka – Chamber of Commerce and Industry Antwerp-Waasland organized in August in a cooperation with the Confederation of Egyptian European Business Associations (CEEBA) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Alexandria a mentoring activity in this city. This activity aimed at making staff of Egyptian business support organisations and exporting agricultural and food businesses familiar with EU legislation in their sphere of work.


In a first presentation, Mr. Luc van Looveren, Senior Advisor EU relations at Voka – CCI Antwerp-Waasland, demonstrated a wide range of information sources about doing business with the EU in general, focusing on: customs tariffs and formalities; product rules; market information; starting a business in the EU; finding potential business partners; etc. In a second presentation, participants received an overview of legislation covering agricultural products and foodstuffs. Hereby, a structured checklist was used with various chapters, e.g.: technical rules, labelling and packaging requirements; hygiene rules. And many websites with further info and guidance documents were briefly introduced.


Participants showed an active interest during this training day. This resulted in a next day which was fully booked with individual consultations whereby participants could get a more precise answer about EU measures related to exports of their specific products to the European Union.


To conclude, this mentoring activity, comparable to a similar one in Cairo in 2015, could benefit of a very high interest from the side of the Egyptian business support organisations and local enterprises.