BSO Cooperation and Mentoring Program in Bekaa and Zahle Region

Zahle and Bekaa,  Lebanon 
Du 27/05/2015 au 28/05/2015
Atelier / Séminaire, Mission / Assistance technique, Mentorat organisations

The project’s objective is to increase the scope of services offered by the CCIAZ in order to promote employment of SME’s owned especially by young entrepreneurs in “Zahle and the Békaa Valley”, based on the experience of BECI.
This will be achieved by:
1- Developing the entrepreneurial and technical skills of the staff and some target groups, supporting clusters and product development of the beneficiaries businesses.
2- Tailoring instruments to the need of the participants.
The CCIAZ is looking through the current project to benefit from the BECI experience in this field in order to promote the above-mentioned services.
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Contact (leader):
Sabine Soetens
BECI- Brussels Chamber of Commerce